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The First Odessa City Theatre

One can recognize quite a few peculiar traits of many beautiful cities in Odessa, however Odessa is unique. This city founded on the Black Sea shore in 1794 is not a replication but a blend, a melting pot of cultures, customs, traditions, beliefs and bloods. Upon its builders’ will, Odessa had embodied all urban construction experience accumulated by the beginning of the 19th century. People compared Odessa to Paris in 1810 and they considered it to be one of the wealthiest and the most beautiful cities of Europe just thirty years afterwards...

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Other Life of the Odessa Theatre. A New Building

In 1873, 64 years later, The City Theatre was completely destroyed by the fire. “The picture of the flames striving out and playing outside was really grandiose. The columns were rolling over the square as if chasing the people who had come to watch the fire,” Alexander Deribas wrote in his book “Old Odessa”. Only ashes were left on the place where the City Theatre used to be.

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