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The original director's interpretation and unique set design

It is an old family photograph. Everybody looks happy. All of a sudden the picture turns alive and falls apart like a puzzle. The family members leave the photo one after another. What is the matter? They make Senta marry Erik whom she does not love, but she dreams of a romantic hero, the Dutchman. Being unable to get along with her destiny Senta kills herself and all further events, such as arrival of her father Daland’s ships and arrival of the Flying Dutchman at the port, meeting with the Dutchman, passionate confessions of Erik, and, at the end of the day, ruining the curse of the ghost shop, appear in Senta’s pre-mortal dream.

The stage director Mara Kurochka has changed the libretto a bit: “ The original version is a story about unhappy love in the final of which the main character Senta kills herself jumping off the cliff to prove her loyalty to the Dutchman. I am telling The Dutchman as a worrying Senta’s dream. This is very close to the music concept of Wagner.

On one hand it revives the spirit of the time, shows Senta’s inclination to hallucinations and exaltation, on the other hand it creates background for developing fantasies. Senta’s visions and apparitions come from under the bed. The bed sheet spreads out on the whole stage turning into the sea. The sea flows into the door and unfolds out of the suit. The waves are hitting wildly, they are concealing an abysm ... The sea surface is full of unspoken desires, fears, hopes and crimes. They take turns to bleed through the surface as reflections or reveal themselves on the background like lost souls and cover all the events on stage.

The Senta’s dream gives the audience the first hand emotional experience of the events. We can witness the limited, cash-based, hostile and rigid world where Senta’s father and Mary dominate. Senta dreams of the Dutchman and sees him as her soul mate in her fantasies.

It is not the first time when I stage Wagner. Parallels with contemporary world and worries of the passed epochs have been important to me”.

Unique set design

The unique contemporary overhead projector called BARCO has helped the stage designers Momme Hinrichs and Torge Möller tp create an illusion of the floating vessel, rough sea and the ocean world. Video art projection makes up the mystic atmosphere. The whole stage is covered b the huge tilted uprising that imitates a ship’s deck. The construction is fixed tilted to create 3D effect. Maximum height if the uprising on the stage is 2 meters. 


    December, 2020