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Bernard Struber (biography)

Bernard STRUBER lives actually in Strasbourg (France). He started music at the age of 9. As teenager, he performed regularly as rock guitarist and jazz pianist (New-Orleans jazz). Meanwhile, he accompanied the Sunday offices on organ. About all these instruments, he confesses himself his chance to have taken advantage of multiple cultures, which enrich its achievements.

At 16, he entered the Conservatory organ class, where he was awarded by several first prizes, including the National Prize in 1976, given by the greatest French organists. Meanwhile, in 1979, he created one of the first departments of jazz and improvisation in France, in this case at the Strasbourg Conservatory.

In 1987, he created the Regional Orchestra of Jazz of Alsace evolving since 1998 under the name of «Bernard Struber Jazztett». This orchestra of nine musicians is well known in the French musical landscape, due to the quality of the compositions of its Director. In 2004 he is rewarded for his original work by the  «Golden Django», Grand Prix of Creation from the Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music. Over 200 compositions and many performances in major festivals (Paris, Amsterdam, Washington, Berlin, Odessa... ). Jazztett will play in Odessa's Philharmonia in April 2016.

Experienced teacher, he published two original music learning methods through improvisation and orchestral practice (2004 and 2011 by Editions Lemoine / Paris).

Several records followed each of his new programs, as a reflexion upon traditional musics from Africa and Turkey («The flavours of memory» / 2003), upon rock («Parfum de Récidive» / 2006), about Frank Zappa («Weddings of Zappa» / 2007), dedication to Middle-Age writer Louise Labbé (1524-1566) («Soul Songs et Louise» / 2012).

Since 2010, he is performing regularly in Ukraine and in Odessa for organ concerts, many innovative projects gathering Ukrainian and French musicians.

In 2014, he did a great musical project for the 1000 years of Strasbourg's Cathedral. On 2nd of October 2015, has been created his first Symphony for Orchestra.



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