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"The Golden Crown of Boris Liatoshynsky"

"The Golden Crown of Boris Liatoshynsky"

23, Wednesday, 18:30

"The Golden Crown of Boris Liatoshynsky"

In commemaration of composer`s 120th birth

The program includes excerpts from operas " The Golden Ring" and "The Colonel"

Zakhar Berkut - Vasyl Navrotsky, People's Artist of  Ukraine

Miroslav - Anna Litvinova

Tuhar Wolf - Yuri Dudar

Maxim - Alexander Schulz

Conductor - Oksana Lynіv

Running time: ca. 2 hours


1. Symphonic poem «Reunion»

Symphonic poem on the occasion of the unification between Eastern 

and Western Ukraine (1949)

2. Male chorus from the opera «Commander» – «Cossack is being brought»

3. Excerpts of the opera «Golden Сrown» with the soloists, 

chorus and orchestra of the theater.

  • Introduction. Galician dance and choir
  • The scene in the mountains – Maxim, Miroslava andTugar Wolf 
  • Tatar camp – Miroslava, Tatar chorus, Chinese and final dances
  • The scene in the cave Dazhbogin the Zelemenrocks – monologue and scene by Zakhar Berkut.


  • Zakhar Berkut – People's Artist of Ukraine Vasiliy Navrotskiy
  • Miroslava – YuliaTereshchuk
  • Maxim – Alexander Shults
  • Tugar Wolf – George Dudar



December, 2020