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Don Quixote

Don Quixote

Ballet in 3 acts with a prologue
Libretto by Marius PETIPA
Based on an episode from the novel Don Quixote de la Mancha
by Miguel de CERVANTES
Choreography by
Marius PETIPA,
Alexander GORSKY,

Running time with intervals: 2 hours 30 min

New choreographic version by Yury VASYUCHENKO, Honoured Artist of Russia
Musical Director and Conductor – Oksana LYNIV
Stage Designer – Natalia BEVZENKO-ZINKINA, Honoured Painter of Ukraine 

About the Ballet

The world premiere: The Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, December 14, 1869
The first staging in The Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre: February, 1933
This production premiered: November 17, 2012

Published in1605, The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha is considered one of the greatest works of fiction, “the best literary work ever written”. The novel has served as a thematic source for quite a number of works in cinema, painting, theatre, musical, etc.

The two chapters of the novel that the ballet is mostly based on were first adapted for the ballet in 1740 by Franz HILVERDING inVienna, Austria. The audience has seen lots of ballet versions of the knight-errant theme for 200 years, mounted by such great ballet masters as Louis MILON, Charles-Louis DIDELOT, August BOURNONVILLE, Serge LIFAR, George BALANCHINE.

Marius PETIPA’s interpretation is considered to be academic. Working over the libretto for the production he used the chapters of the novel dedicated to the wedding of Kittery and Camacho (the got names of Kitri and Basilio in the ballet libretto). The main characters of the novel Don Quichote and Sancha Panza became secondary characters in the ballet.

Marius PETIPA ordered the music score to the ballet composer Ludwig MINKUS who was professional in the ballet theatre and followed the ballet music requirements in his work.

The world premiere of Don Quixote took place in The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow on December 14, 1869. The composer himself conducted the first performance. The production had great acclaim and was transferred to St. Petersburg later.

Marius PETIPA’s choreographic version grabbed attention of many ballet masters. However, Alexander GORSKY’s interpretation is considered the most successful. All later versions were based on GORSKY’s choreographic vision.

Odessa first saw the ballet Don Quixote in February, 1933 in the Paul VIRSKY and Nikolai BOLOTOV’s production. Three years late Michael MOISEEV put up his version of the ballet and it had a long stage life. In 1952 Vakhtang VRONSKY revived the production basing on the best academic dance traditions of PETIPA and GORSKY. Further productions comprised stylistic peculiarities and choreographic means by such ballet masters as Nikolay TREGUBOV (1966), Igor CHERNYSHOV (1970), Victor SMIRNOV-GOLOVANOV and Natalia RYZHENKO (1979).

The principal dancers starring in Don Quixote in different years were Valentina GRISHUKOVA, Vera VOLKOVA, Elvira KARAVAYEVA, Sabbira YAPPAROVA,Valery MIKHAYLOVSKY, Victor NOVITSKY.

During the years of the theatre reconstruction (1996 – 2007) the performance was not on stage. Today The Company is welcoming this choreographic masterpiece back on stage.

The Cast

    • DON QUIXOTE, an errant knight - Dmytro Bartosh, Vyacheslav Kravchenko, Stanislav Skrynnik
    • SANCHO PANZA, his squire - Mykola Vorivodin, Pavlo Gryts, Denys Chernyak
    • LORENZO, an innkeeper – Vadym Kruser, Bogdan Chabanyuk, Yuriy Chepil
    • LORENZO’S WIFE - Polina Kalina, Kseniya Kravchenko, Veronika Semchuk
    • KITRI, their daughter - Honored Artist of Ukraine Olena Dobryanska, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova Mariya Poludova, Tetyana Afanutina, Nataliya Ivasenko, Olena Kondratieva, Alina Sharay
    • BASILIO, a barber, in love with Kitri - Honored Artist of Ukraine Sergiy Dotsenko, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova Volodymyr Statnyy, Pavlo Gryts, Andriy Pisarev, Stanislav Skrynnik, Victor Tomashek, Denys Chernyak, Dmytro Sharay
    • GAMACHE, a wealthy nobleman - Denys Vasyliev, Igor Sarazhynskyy, Sergiy Tkachuk
    • KITRI‘S FRIENDS - Honored Artist of Ukraine Olga Rozhevich, Tetyana Afanutiana, Kateryna Bartosh, Kateryna Burdik, Oleksandra Vorobyova, Olga Vorobyova, Lyudmyla Grekova, Nataliya Ivasenko, Olena Kondratieva, Kristina Pavlova, Mariya Ryazantseva, Ganna Tutyunnyk, Alina Sharay
    • ESPADA, a toreador - Honored Artist of Ukraine Sergiy Dotsenko, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova Volodymyr Statnyy, Dmytro Bartosh, Dmytro Dzenik, Stanislav Skrynnik, Dmytro Sharay
    • A STREET DANCER - Tetyana Afanutiana, Kateryna Burdik, Olexandra Vorobyova, Mariya Ryazantseva, Kateryna Tomashek
    • MERCEDES - Tetyana Afanutiana, Hrystyna Vetchinkina, Ganna Stankevych, Iryna Skrynnyk, Kateryna Tomashek
    • A GYPSY GIRL - Tetyana Afanutiana, Olena Vorontsova, Kateryna Tomashek
    • THE QUEEN OF DRYADS - Victoriya Berezhna, Oleksandra Vorobyova, Olga Vorobyova, Kateryna Kalchenko, Mariya Ryazantseva, Anastasiya Chernyak, Alina Sharay
    • CUPID - Kateryna Bartosh, Nataliya Ivasenko, Olena Kondratieva, Maryna Stryzhakova, Ganna Tutyunnyk, Anastasiya Yarotska
    • JIGA – Lyudmyla Grekova, Yanina Kyselyova, Olga Pylypeyko, Anastasiya Rudneva, Stanislav Varankin, Denys Vasyliev, Mykola Vorivodin, Pavlo Gryts, Roman Kalin, Roman Lobkin, Victor Pelych, Denys Chernyak
    • BOLERO - Kseniya Kravchenko, Mariya Ryazantseva, Iryna Skrynnyk, Ganna Stankevych, Honored Artist of Ukraine Sergiy Dotsenko, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova Volodymyr Statnyy, Igor Sarazhynskyy, Stanislav Skrynnik, Dmytro Sharay
    • VARIATIONS - Honored Artist of Ukraine Olga Rozhevich, Oleksandra Vorobyova, Olga Vorobyova, Lyudmyla Grekova, Nataliya Ivasenko, Olena Kondratieva, Kristina Pavlova, Ganna Tutyunnyk

The Nearest Show Performers

 Cast on November 18:

  • DON QUIXOTE, an errant knight - Vyacheslav KRAVCHENKO
  • SANCHO PANZA, his squire - Mykola VORIVODIN
  • LORENZO, an innkeeper - Bohdan CHABANYUK
  • LORENZO’S WIFE - Polina Kalina
  • KITRI, their daughter - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Olena DOBRYANS’KA
  • BASILIO, a barber, in love with Kitri -  Dmitro SHARAY 
  • GAMACHE, a wealthy nobleman - Igor Sarazhinskyi
  • KITRI‘S FRIENDS - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Olga ROZHEVICH, Kristina Pavlova
  • ESPADA, a toreador - Honoured Artist of Ukraine Sergiy DOTSENKO
  • MERCEDES: Khrystyna Vetchynkina
  • A GYPSY GIRL -Kateryna Tomashek
  • THE QUEEN OF DRYADS - Victoria Berezhna

Conductor - Vitaliy Kovalchuk