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Scene 1

Dawn. The city is waking up. Some are out for their morning exercises; others are just waking up right outside on the playground. Our hero strikes with being extraordinary. His delicate spirit, his world perception, his ideas and dreams do not match the ones of other city residents and those of his careless friends. They even mock him.

Scene 2

HE does not fit this city routine. While his friends are having fun with girls and laughing at him HE is going deeper into himself trying to protect his soul, save a MAN in himself. HE starts a dialogue with his own EGO, with his ANTIPODE hoping to find harmony and agree with himself and his consciousness. HE cannot find any mutual understanding even between himself and his ANTIPODE.

Scene 3

Two noisy friends interrupt his thoughts and invite him to join in their celebration. The one HE adores shows up. He calls her GODDESS. He dares start a conversation with her for the first time in his life but the conversation does not last long. She leaves with others choosing easier ways and more casual life. HE understands that SHE has ruined his ideal image...

Scene 4

HE stays alone again, deep in his thoughts and sufferings.

Scene 5

GODDESS and HE are together. Is it a fruit of imagination or reality? Anyway, they are being together at the moment and they are being light and in love.

Scene 6

When we come across strong feelings, we do not want to lose them but, at the same time, we meditate why we need these feelings. Fear prevents us from making the next step. As a result we do lose the most valuable, something that could give us reason to keep living. ANTIPODE evolving in his head embodies doubts and sufferings.

Scene 7

Our hero understands that his life is a road of loneliness and even ANTOPODE is capable of taking way his hope and dream, his GODDESS. Loneliness draws on him.

Scene 8

HE is in fear: our hero has hallucinations of his GODDESS and ANTIPODE making love and laughing at him.

Scene 9

Feeling lonely HE wanders around. HE tries to talk to ANTIPODE but comes across a blind spot. ANTIPODE explains to our hero that he has run out of time and ANTIPODE has taken his place. ANTIPODE pushes him out of his life. People laugh at our hero not wishing to listen to his speeches of haute ideas and ideal things as people are happy with their own lives. They have fun and live in their routine of dancing and orgies, careless life, wine and tobacco…

Scene 10

There has always been the very last hope that everything will change. Duet of GODDESS and our hero embodies this hope. We can hear a YELL here, a yell of his soul. GODDESS says that she simply cannot live in a different routine and go against the society and the system. She says that the way she is choosing is easier and more common.

This duet shows that everybody has a soul and it is light! However, we often sell it to dark forces. We love but forsake, promise to be loyal but betray, hug each other at nights but cheat as it is easier in the world that is full of temptations.

Scene 11

Condemnation... Objection... Disdain... Inapprehension... All these fall on our hero. 


    October, 2020