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Nureyev Forever

Nureyev Forever

Ballet Gala in 2 acts with a prologue and epilogue

Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes 

Choreography by Marius PETIPA, August BOURNONVILLE, Rostislav ZAKHAROV, Konstantin BOYARSKY, Renato ZANELLА, Boris EIFMAN, Yury VASYUCHENKO
Idea, story, stage direction and choreography by Vackil USMANOV (Austria)

Solo on a grand piano - Igor Parada
Video-art by Roman TOPILOV
Costumes by Natalia BADANINA
Principal Choreographer – Yury VASYUCHENKO, Honoured Artist of Russia
Conductors – Igor SHAVRUK, Honoured artist of Ukraine, Igor TCHERNETSKY

About the ballet

This ballet is dedicated to the memory of Rudolf Nureyev, a consummate master of dance. For the first time the image of this great dancer, ballet master and conductor is presented on the stage, as well as the image of Margot Foteyn, “the goddes of dance” of the British Royal Ballet.

Rudolf has remained in our memory as an ever young and a charming person. He formed not only his inimitable style of male dance, but also the entire style of his own life where there was no place for prose.

He was great in everything – in art, in friendship and in love. Being a very young man he meets Margot Foteyn. He carries this love through all his life. Their common dance was proceeding in their creative life and it raised him, as a dancer, with triumph. 


The ballet world is celebrating the jubilee of the great Rudolf Nureyev. Near Rudy, as always, there are his angels-protectors, called to accompany him on Earth on his creative path.

…Now they are taking off their wings and putting on his dancing costumes, which witnessed his coming sparkling glory…

Alexander Skryabin, Etude op. 42 #5. Solo on the piano – Igor Parada.

The first meeting and love of Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn. A white scarf which Margo passes to Rudolf as a sign of their union is the symbol of their love.

Rudy and Margot. The first kiss. Rakhmaninov. Elegy. Choreography by Vakil Usmanov. 

Act І

Presentation of one of the most favorite dances of the duet of Rudy and Margot… with which they fascinated the stage of the British Royal Ballet.

Tchaikovsky. Adajio from the ballet The Sleeping Beauty. Choreography by Vakil Usmanov.

The last show with which he finished his ballet career was ballet La Sylphide on the stage of Mariinsky Theatre in St.-Petersburg.

Levenshold. Pas-de-deus from the ballet La Sylphide. Choreography by August Bournonville.

At last there comes a moment when Margot Fonteyn comes out with the young Rudolf in a very hard duet, where he establishes himself as a classical dance star.

Tchaikovsky. Rudy and Margot. Triumph. Pas-de dues from the ballet Nutcracker. Choreography by Vakil Usmanov.

Rudolf, living in the West, was proud of his tatar origin. Our choice was the ballet The Fountaine of Bakhchisaray, where he danced in his early youth.

Asafiev. A scene from the ballet The Fountain of Bakhchisaray. Choreorgapy by Rostislav Zakharov. 

Act II

Studying in the famed Vaganovsky Ballet school, he presents a unique dance of a hooligan in the ballet

Shostakovich. The Young Lady and the Hooligan. Choreography by Konstantin Boyasky.

And here is the change in his destiny. The white scarf, the symbol of love of Margot and Rudolf turns out to be in the hands of three persons in black. They, as a part of his personality, always seduced him.

Interlude. Choreography by Vakil Usmanov.

Margot is astonished… With this white scarf she imagined herself to be a white swan. But overcoming the pain of disillusion, she felt emptiness and darkness.

The song of a black swan. Choreography by Vakil Usmanov.

The young Rudy is shown at the Graduation party of Vaganovsky Academy, where he surprises everybody with his leap and his ardent turn. The Soviet ballet saw such an energetic, emotional, ardent and tempered dance for the first time.

Adam. Grand pas from the ballet Don Quixote. Choreography by Marius Petipa.


It is an attempt to come to know a female body… His first sexual experience did not satisfy him…

A kiss by Klimt. Rakhmaninov. Prelude. Choreography by Yuri Vasyuchenko.

In his life Rudolf was a traveller. A traveller, who was charmed with beauty in all it`s manifestation. His contacts with Erik Bruhn, his real and devoted friend, were not simple.

Williams. The Charmed Traveller. Choreography by Vakil Usmanov.

Angels fulfilled their mission. And now they have to carry Rudy to his last trip. Archangel, the main Angel, has to make a choice – to take Rudy with him or to stay.

Voyage. Mozart. Concert for piano with orchestra N 23 part II.
Choreography by Vakil Usmanov.

Here is the last meeting of Rudy and Margo. And their last kiss…

Prokofiev. A scene from the ballet Romeo and Juliet. Choreography by Vakil Usmanov.

Loneliness. Is his life path breaking off here? Here are the images he performed on the stage. They were always near him. And they remain with us.

Resurrection. Verdi. Chorus from the opera Nabucco. 


October, 2020