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Act II

Studying in the famed Vaganovsky Ballet school, he presents a unique dance of a hooligan in the ballet

Shostakovich. The Young Lady and the Hooligan. Choreography by Konstantin Boyasky.

And here is the change in his destiny. The white scarf, the symbol of love of Margot and Rudolf turns out to be in the hands of three persons in black. They, as a part of his personality, always seduced him.

Interlude. Choreography by Vakil Usmanov.

Margot is astonished… With this white scarf she imagined herself to be a white swan. But overcoming the pain of disillusion, she felt emptiness and darkness.

The song of a black swan. Choreography by Vakil Usmanov.

The young Rudy is shown at the Graduation party of Vaganovsky Academy, where he surprises everybody with his leap and his ardent turn. The Soviet ballet saw such an energetic, emotional, ardent and tempered dance for the first time.

Adam. Grand pas from the ballet Don Quixote. Choreography by Marius Petipa.


    September, 2020