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It is an attempt to come to know a female body… His first sexual experience did not satisfy him…

A kiss by Klimt. Rakhmaninov. Prelude. Choreography by Yuri Vasyuchenko.

In his life Rudolf was a traveller. A traveller, who was charmed with beauty in all it`s manifestation. His contacts with Erik Bruhn, his real and devoted friend, were not simple.

Williams. The Charmed Traveller. Choreography by Vakil Usmanov.

Angels fulfilled their mission. And now they have to carry Rudy to his last trip. Archangel, the main Angel, has to make a choice – to take Rudy with him or to stay.

Voyage. Mozart. Concert for piano with orchestra N 23 part II.
Choreography by Vakil Usmanov.

Here is the last meeting of Rudy and Margo. And their last kiss…

Prokofiev. A scene from the ballet Romeo and Juliet. Choreography by Vakil Usmanov.

Loneliness. Is his life path breaking off here? Here are the images he performed on the stage. They were always near him. And they remain with us.

Resurrection. Verdi. Chorus from the opera Nabucco. 


    October, 2020