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Love Music

 Love Music

The program includes fragments from operas by W.A. Mozart, G. Donizetti, J. Bizet, A. Khachaturian and others

Duration: 1 hour (without intermission)



Conductor - Vitaliy Kovalchuk

Directed by Pavel Koshka

The artist is Igor Anisenko



Alina Tkachuk, Anastasia Golub, Natalia Stepanyak, Nadiya Sychuk, Taisiya Shafranska, Honored Artist of Ukraine Vladyslav Horay, Oleksandr Schultz, Pavlo Smirnov, Olesandr Stryuk, Bohdan Panchenko, Oleksandr Prokopovich, ballet dancers Olena Lavrynenko, Olga Vorobyova, Elena Elizarova, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Statny, Rostislav Yanchyshen,Honored Artist of Ukraine Sergiy Dotsenko, Bohdan Chabanyuk.




Concert program 1.11.2020

 1. L. Bernstein - Overture from the opera "Candide"

Performed by the theater orchestra
2. L. Arditi - "Il bacio" waltz (Kiss)
Performed by Alina Tkachuk
3. A. Khachaturian - Romance from the ballet "Masquerade"
Performed by Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Statny, Elena Kondratieva
4. G. Rossini - Cavatina Figaro from the opera "The Barber of Seville"
Performed by Bogdan Panchenko
5. J. Offenbach - Verses of Olympia from the opera "Hoffmann's Tales"
Performed by Anastasia Golub
6. E. Lecuona - "Malagueña" from the suite "Andalusia"
Performed by Alexander Stryuk, ballet dancers
7. Ch. Gounod - Margarita's aria (with pearls) from the opera "Faust"
Performed by Natalia Stepanyak
8. L. Delibes - "Flower Duet" from the opera "Lakme"
Performed by Anastasia Golub, Taisia ​​Shafranskaya
9. G. Puccini - Cavaradossi's aria "E lucevan le stelle" from the opera "Tosca"
Performed by Alexander Schultz
10. S. Prokofiev - Dance of the Knights from the ballet "Romeo and Juliet"
Performed by:
Father of the Capulet - Rostislav Yanchishen
Capulet mother - Elena Lavrinenko
Juliet: Olga Vorobyova
Paris - Honored Artist of Ukraine Serhiy Dotsenko
Tybalt - Bogdan Chabaniuk
11. L. Delibes - "Spanish Song"
Performed by Nadezhda Sychuk
12. P. Tchaikovsky - Lensky's aria "Where, where have you gone" from the opera "Eugene Onegin"
Performed by Honored Artist of Ukraine Vladislav Gorai
13. L. Bernstein - Tony and Marie Duet (balcony scene) from the musical "West Side Story"
Performed by Alina Tkachuk, Pavel Smirnov
14. A. Lara - "Granada"
Performed by Alexander Prokopovich
15. N. Brodsky - "Be my love"
Performed by Honored Artist of Ukraine Vladislav Goray, Nadezhda Sychuk
16. L. Denza- "Funiculi, funicula"
Performed by all participants


October, 2020