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Acr Four

Scene 1
A hall in the Temple of Justice. Everything is ready for the trial over Radamès. Amneris asks Radamès to deny the accusations, promises her love and the crown of Egypt if he turns down Aida. Radamès firmly refuses, – Aida’s love cost him honour and motherland. The priests led by Ramfis condemn Radamès to death. The traitor will be buried alive. Amneris curses the priests while Radamès is taken away.

Scene 2
The vault in the Temple of Vulcan. Radamès is sealed up in a dark vault of the temple. He thinks of his beloved before death. All of a sudden he hears a sigh and then sees Aida. She learned about his terrible fate and has hidden herself in the vault in order to die with Radamès. At last united Aida and Radamès dream of heavenly happiness after death.

Above the vault in the temple of Vulcan, Amneris weeps and prays to the goddess Isis to give Radamès peace and quietus after death. 


    December, 2020