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Act One

Leporello is a companion, servant, secretary and biographer of Don Giovanni. He offers a stranger to get acquainted with the adventures of his master which he carefully records in his diary for a small fee. Risky adventures, hardships of nomadic life and - the most important - love stories are in this diary, too.
The stranger disappears, and Leporello becomes a witness of a heartbreaking scene. Don Giovanni has fun with the girls - carnal pleasure seekers and all of a sudden in one of them, who hides the face under the veil, he recognises "demure" Donna Anna, Don Ottavio’s fiancée.
The girl is in rage because she did not want to be recognized in order to to disguise her desire to have intimacy with Giovanni.
Hearing the daughter’s cry, Commander, armed with a sword burst into the room. A young lover has to defend himself. He finds a dagger that the stranger had inexplicably left. Everything happens very quickly and Commander falls dead.
Don Giovanni and Leporello flee the scene, but Anna comes there with Ottavio. To take revenge on Don Giovanni is the main aim of this couple.

A usual squabble between Don Giovanni and Leporello is interrupted by the appearance of a beautiful strange woman with a veil over the face. However, the heartthrob is disappointed –this woman, who is hiding her face, is his former lover Elvira; their passionate relationship was stormy, but not long - because the gentleman was constantly distracted by Elvira’s lovely maid. By the way, now she is near her lady, too.
Don Giovanni escapes in a hurry. Furious woman intends to pursue a lover, all the more the maid has slipped away with him.
Leporello stops Elvira offering her to read the list which is familiar to us: the one of Don Giovanni’s victims: she is neither the first nor the last...
A cheerful group of young people resting at the resort runs in the hall of the hotel. Masetto and Zerlina, who are celebrating their engagement, are among them.
Don Giovanni joins them and cordially invites a noisy company into his room. Zerlina pays her attention to the gallant gentleman and doesn't mind staying with him tet-a-tet. Masetto is furious; he insults Zerlina and leaves her. Thus he helps Don Giovanni seduce the girl. Zerlina makes the choice in favor of Don Giovanni, but at this moment Elvira appears. Both women are fighting for his attention and love. Elvira pursues a fleeing Zerlina.
Anna and Ottavio appear - a devilish game goes on. Don Giovanni and Anna artfully conceal that they were acquainted before Commander's death.
Tireless Elvirare appears again: she calls her ex-lover a hypocrite. Don Giovanni certifies her insane. Elvira is furious and rushes to Don Giovanni and ... stays in his arms.
Anna is gripped by jealousy and announces that Don Giovanni is the murderer of Commander. Her story is theatrical and has little resemblance to the truth, but Elvira is shocked: now she hates Don Giovanni for "insulted" Anna’s honour.
Donna Anna calmly goes away, leaving Don Ottavio alone with his ravaged soul.

Leporello tells enthusiastically his master that just in the midst of fun a disheveled Zerlina and behind her a feisty Elvira ran into their rooms.
Don Giovanni tells him with laugh that more fun is ahead. Leporello does not share Don Giovanni’s optimism.
Masetto and Zerlina sort out their relationship at lunch - the groom can not forgive the fiancée that on the day of their engagement she left him alone and went away with the first comer. Experienced Zerlina quickly finds the path to peace and harmony, but at that moment the voice of Don Giovanni is heard, he invites everyone to the carnival, which he arranges in honour of their friends Zerlina and Masetto. Seeing the embarrassment of his fiancee, Masetto feels another spasm of jealousy.

Carnival is in full swing. Figures in historic costumes float in the shadows of the hall, among them - Zerlina and Don Giovanni. They are followed by Masetto, who obviously has bad intentions. Seeing the jealous man, Don Giovanni is not embarrassed at all, jokes and offers Masetto and Zerlina to continue having fun.
Elvira, Anna and Ottavio enter the hall. They are in the carnival costumes and masks that hide them from the curious eyes. These three people are determined to take revenge on the murderer of the Commander.
Masetto warns Zerlina to be careful. Leporello is trying to divert attention of fairly tipsy Masetto from his master's courtship to Zerlina. Seizing the moment, Don Giovanni carries her into one of the rooms.
But Ottavio, Anna and Elvira are keeping eye on Don Giovanni, as well as Masetto who notices the absence of his fiancée.
All of a sudden Zerlina, who does not expect so sexually explicit actions from Don Giovanni in a such wrong situation, starts to shout. She escapes from the seducer and runs into the room, fainting in the arms of Masetto.
Don Giovanni follows her with a naked sword in his hand, he drags Leporello, claiming that it was Leporello who wanted to dishonor Zerlina.
Ottavio, Anna and Elvira require Don Giovanni to cut a comedy - the day of reckoning is coming. But there is no fear in the heart of Don Giovanni! He is ready to challenge everybody to the fight. Meanwhile he laughs and leaves furious avengers.



    September, 2020