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Act 2

Scene 4
Being alone at the Countess' bedroom, obsessed with the desire to reveal the three cards secret Herman decides to stay in the bedroom and force the Countess tell him the winning formula.

Coming home from the ball the Countess reminisces about the better times, noble balls in Paris, success and acclaim. As she doses off, Herman stands before her and pleads with her to tell him the secret. The Countess remains speechless. Herman threatens with a pistol and demands an immediate answer revealing the three secret cards. The Countess dies of freight.

On hearing some noise Liza rushes into the Countess’ bedroom. Seeing a dead Countess she exclaims, “You did not need me you needed cards!”

Scene 5
In his room at the barracks, Herman reads a letter from Liza who wants him to meet her by the riverbank.

The dead Countess haunts Herman down. He experiences delusions when the ghost of the Countess appears. She tells Herman to marry Liza and reveals the secret combination. The winning cards are the three, the seven and the ace…

Scene 6
At the bank of the Winter Canal, Liza waits for Herman and hopes that he will dissolve her suspicions that he has committed a predetermined murder. Herman appears. It seems for a spit-second that there are no happier people on earth. However, obsessed with the idea of the three cards Herman pushes Liza away and rushes to the gambling-house. Liza commits suicide jumping off the bridge.

Scene 7
At a gambling house, Herman appears at the midst of a game. He bets on big sums of money and wins twice in a row. The game goes on. This time Prince Yeletsky confronts Herman. Herman expects the ace to win but instead the winning card is the queen of spades. Seeing the Countess’ ghost laughing on the card Herman is stricken up to madness. Insanity makes him to shoot himself. The last minute of his life brings Liza’s image to his tormented mind. Herman dies with her name on his lips. 


    October, 2020