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Act 1

Time: The close of the 18th century
Place: St. Petersburg, Russia

Scene 1
In St. Petersburg’s Summer Park two officers Surin and Chekalinsky are concerned with their friend Herman’s behavior as he spends in the gambling-house every night but never bets.

Herman appears with Count Tomsky. Herman admits that he is in love with a girl whose name he does not even know but he is aware of the fact that the girl above the station is an heiress of a rich and noble family and cannot marry him.

Prince Yeletsky joins the officers and tells about his upcoming marriage. Herman asks him about his fiancée. Yeletsky points out Liza accompanying the old Countess on the stroll. Herman is stricken as he recognizes his beloved in the Prince’s fiancée.

Tomsky tells Herman a mystical story about the three lucky cards, the winning formula that Count St. Germain in Paris told the Countess, a passionate gambler, long ago. The winning formula helped the “Venus of Moscow” get her fortune back but the payment for the secret would be her death caused by “the third suitor” who will come to find out the secret cards burning with gambling passion.

The Summer Park is getting empty. The thunderstorm is approaching but Herman is not afraid, he vows that Liza will belong to him or he will die.

Scene 2
Liza is welcoming her friends in her room at the Countess'. On their leaving the girl voices her love to a mysterious young man she has seen in the park.

All of a sudden, Herman appears on the balcony. She recognizes the young man she is in love with. Herman says the words of love to Liza. A powerful knock on the door is heard. The Countess comes to Liza to find out the reason for the noise that disturbed her repose. Herman manages to hide. On seeing the Countess the young man decides that he must reveal the secret of the three cards at any cost. His desire to discover the winning formula substitutes his love towards Liza for a moment. The Countess retires and Herman repeats his words of love. The girl is smashed with the force of his love and addresses the words of love to Herman.

Scene 3
At the grand ball Count Yeletsky worried with Liza being distant reassures her of his love. Liza avoids explanations.

Liza gives Herman the key to a secret door in the Countess’ mansion. Herman has to go through the Countess’ bedroom to get to the Liza’s room. Herman thinks that the very fate is handing him the Countess’ winning formula. 


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