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Act I

Scene 1

In the family of Sotnik, a noble man, a beautiful daughter is born. According to the custom the villagers come to have a look at the child. From the very beginning they are very suspicious because of a very unusual behaviour of the girl, but soon this impression disappears and everyone admires the beauty of a young Pannochka.

Some  time passes. Gogol, interfering in the lives of his characters, brings to the stage the clerk Nikita and Khoma. Pannochka amuses herself with Nikita. Khoma sees the young  beauty and falls in love with her.

After having amused herself, Pannochka murders Nikita. Cossack Sheptun's daughter sees it.


Fair. Everyone is here now. People trade, have fun and dance. Khoma and a bagel seller, Bublichnitsa are also here. Sotnik appears with Pannochka, Nanny, Svirid and Dorosh. People are fascinated and frightened with the beauty of Pannochka. Saucy Bublichnitsa flirts with guys, but loves Khoma. It notices Pannochka. 

Scene 3

Cossack Sheptun, his wife and daughter met with Pannochka near the lake. There isn't any sign of tragedy, but at the end of the meeting the daughter dies. The same fate befalls the wife. Gogol realizes that his characters have their own independent lives.

Scene 4

Meeting with Khoma ends with the death of Pannochka.



    September, 2020